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An Illustrated Life

The Metroid Chronicles Chapter 5: Of All The Planets In All The Galactic Federation


The dust settled and the screams of a dying Metroid filled the cavern. If I remembered correctly this Space-Hunter had destroyed 34 Metroids; that left only five.

She had hired me as a guide but as it turned out, I could barely keep up. I have to admit, SR388 had left me shaken. I may have acted cool as Sir Cucumber, but for all of my bravado and feigned self-confidence I was a nervous wreck; and it was starting to show. What little respect she may have had for me was gone, and we spelunked the next few miles of desolate subterranea in silence.

Several hours later I saw a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye, an all too familiar pale glowing green flash of movement. Before I even had time to reach for my plasma-pistol, the heat of my client’s missiles whizzed by. There in front of us lay the carcass of an Alpha Metroid, the first one we’d seen in days; something seemed far too easy.


This one was new. I now know it as an Omega Metroid.

That serious dame filled the damn thing with at least thirty missiles before it went down, and for the first time I saw on her face that which I myself had tried so hard to hide; fear.

Later, though I could not tell you how much so, she told me there was only one left. In the caves behind us lay dead three more Omega Metroids, the last of which we had barely escaped with our lives.

All wild-life had long since become scarce, they knew this part of the planet belonged to the Metroids. We entered through a passage and the air changed; the damp, musty cave smell was replaced with the stench of life-the stench of birth.


Several Metroid hatchlings filled the chamber in an instant. They were fast and they were hungry, before I knew it one had attached itself to my head. I could feel my life slipping away.


Just as the world around me started fading to black, there was a flash of cold and the diabolical suction had stopped. With a blast, the creature affixed to my cranium shattered and I fell to my knees. My savior reached out her hand to help me up, her helmet now planted firmly on her head, hiding whatever emotion was playing across her face. I fell into her arms and nearly fainted with relief.


She pushed me off brusquely and started walking away, turning her head back slightly and saying “Not far now.”

We entered the cave ahead of us with weapons at the ready and eyes scanning the darkness for any sign of movement; but the Queen Metroid wasn’t hiding, she didn’t need to.


She was monstrous, her body filling most of the cave. Her size was matched only by her speed, her lunging mouth only barely missing me over and over again.

After many minutes of dancing around her vicious attacks, getting only a few shots in, her snout hit me at full force and I flew across the room, slamming against the wall and falling to the ground. I looked up to see Samus staring calmly into the eyes of the beast, she retracted into her ball just as the Queen lunged forward. I watched with disbelief as my client was swallowed whole, the faint light of her suit visible through the Queen’s translucent neck as she traveled down into the monster’s stomach.

The Queen turned her attention toward me and I thought all hope was lost, when a faint clicking sound started to come from her stomach. The beast let out a screech as the bombs inside her went off and the Space-Hunter flew out, leaving behind the decimated corpse of the Queen.

Finally our dark mission was over. I could barely contain my excitement at the prospect of tasting fresh air for the first time in what seemed an eternity. I sprinted through the dark and in my haste failed to realize that I was alone. I turned around to see one last Metroid; but this one was different.


That dame was just looking at the newly hatched baby Metroid with another emotion I had never seen on her face; pity.

I knew then that our mission to destroy every last Metroid would not be completed. 


Metroid II is a great game, and honestly a huge improvement on the first game. I am so excited to see where the series goes from here! I am also very excited to draw in color again.

Check back soon to see me start my journey into Super Metroid. 

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