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Metroid Chronicles Chapter 3.5: Well This Is Awkward


Let me tell you a story.

Yesterday I was finally going to sit down and write Chapter 4. I know I shouldn’t try and write the dang thing the day I want to publish it, but like I’ve complained about before I’m terribly busy. The problem is that when I sat down to write, I did just that…. I sat, and sat. I tell you, few times in my life have I experienced writers block so profound.

"What the hell?" I thought to myself, "Why is this so damn hard?" Then I thought about it and I realized that I played Metroid II nearly a month ago. Obviously I remember what happens in the game and all that, but most of my thoughts and ideas for the post itself are fuzzy at best. Looking at my 3DS I even have a few doodles the significance of which escape me now. 

So of course that leaves me with only one option. I have to play through the game again. In one sitting. Tonight.

So why am I posting this? Why not just play tonight and smooth this over  with nobody being the wiser? Because I want to get you guys involved.

Tonight I am going to be Live-Tweeting the play-through and the writing/drawing process as well as whatever undoubtedly delirious thoughts pop into my head.

Follow me @DavidOchart or check out the easy little widget thing below. Send me some questions and interact if you want, it will probably keep me sane.


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