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The Metroid Chronicles Chapter 2: Empowerment


Quick question before I jump back in to Metroid. Planet Zebes is supposedly the Space Pirate fortress right? So why is it that of the 32 enemies in the game, not a single one of them is a Space Pirate? What the hell were they so occupied with??image

Anyway, back to the game.

Picking up where I left off, I discovered that I had not explored the first two areas nearly as thoroughly as I had thought. I went back and discovered tons of powerups and add-ons and let me tell you, I may have started out feeling a bit like a weakling but that quickly started to change.

Along the way, my health and missiles were growing constantly. Then i get the Varia suit, which reduces damage by half. I also got the Ice-beam, which freezes enemies in their tracks.


In Norfair I discovered the high-jump and the screw-attack, which are just incredible. I then stumbled upon the Wave-Beam, which is super powerful (if a smidge inaccurate).



Combine all that and no longer did I cower in fear at the sight of an enemy, in fact I started destroying with abandon. Zebes became my blood-lust fueled subterranean playground; all that power made me feel like a FREAKING SUPER SAIYAN!


What’s great about the power-ups is that they are largely optional. You can get through the game with very few of them, though it would be excruciating. I myself am not a masochistic gamer, more often than not opting for the path of least resistance, but there are those who would play through this game with as few powers as possible and have an absolute blasty blast.

After gearing up I figured I should try to take on Kraid and Ridley, the two mini-bosses of the game. I assumed that starting with Kraid would be the way to go, as he is located in Hideout 1 and Ridley is in Hideout 2. In actuality, though I found Ridley to be a bit of a chump, Kraid was an absolute douche.


Ridley took me like a minute and a half to take down, but Kraid took at least half an hour.

After defeating both baddies my missile reserves were sitting at around 250, which made me feel like even more of a badass. But there is a twist dear reader, for all of this power, all of these extra energy tanks and missiles just lured me into a false sense of security. “This should be easy right?” I thought to myself, “I can take this, right?”


Upon entering Tourien, reality punched me right in the face and my frail humanity became oh so very tangible. I am talking of course about the titular Metroids, the jellyfish-crab monsters that the space pirates so desperately want to use against the galactic federation. These things are completely evil; if they attach themselves to your face, you are going to die. That’s it. The sudden uptick in difficulty left me a bit shocked.image

After barely making it through Tourien and destroying mother-brain, I escaped the depths of Planet Zebes with only 1 HP. 

Upon reaching the surface I made a shocking discovery, Samus Aran is a GIRL???


Seriously though, Samus being of the female persuasion is common knowledge now, but back then it was a huge plot-twist! 
I guess when you barely have a plot, you don’t need much of a twist.

All in all, Metroid is a great game. It has some archaic game-design as all NES games do, but I’d say this game holds up better than most. More than anything it makes me so uncontrollably excited to see where the series goes from here; and as I write these words, Metroid II: The Return Of Samus is downloading onto my 3DS.

Check back soon and follow my adventure as I enter the great unknown of the Gameboy sequel.

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