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An Illustrated Life

An Illustrated Life

So here we are. My Blog. My memoir. My life in crappy cartoon form.

I started this Blog for 2 reasons. The first, I need a creative outlet. In recent years I have not had much reason to create art (term used loosely) so I hope that through this Blog, I may be motivated to create. Not to mention I have much room to grow as an artist. The second, I like talking about my self. I don’t mean to sound conceited, but I enjoy telling little anecdotes. These little anacdotes are made possible because I am a strange person who has some really strange thoughts, and because really REALLY strange things tend to happen to me.

A Note on style. I have no real definitive style or preferred medium, so some posts will be sketches, others will be made on MS paint, and everything in between.

Also, some posts may contain 1 or 2 illustrations, where as others will be almost entirely illustrated. It all depends on inspiration, and how lazy I am.

For now I do not have a nice scanner, so the images may not look so pretty. I hope to get one in the future, so at that point I may upload some ILLUSTRATED LIFE HD.

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